Title: transit

Info: “transit” is second part of cross-media performance “Voila, that’s my life” however it functions as a independent composition and may be performed separately

Year: 2016

Duration: 10 minutes

Genre: solo music with media

Instrumentation: viola solo with electronics

Commissioned by: Festival d’Aix-en-Provence

“Transit” is inspired by Morton Feldman’s composition “Viola in my life” (version for viola and piano). Viola part is a variation of viola part of Feldman’s piece. Each variation is imitation of transportation sounds - for example in one variation Feldman-phrase is altered through tremolos with increased bow pressure to imitate sounds of passing train. Electronic part is written respectfully to the rhythmic structure of Feldman composition. Recorded and digitally processed samples of city landscape sounds replace the piano chords.

Technical requirements:

  1. 1)PA stereo (stereo audio file)

  2. 2)audio mixer

  3. 4)audio interface

  4. 5)computer

  5. 6)microphone for viola (DPA or similar)

  6. 7)note stand


on photo: Morton Feldman++++







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