Title: box of happiness

Subtitle: golden room

Year: 2018

Duration: one-to-one session approximately 5-7 minutes. Max 70 visitors per day

Genre: performative installation

Lineup: 1 performer & visitors

Material: plea wood, golden foil, blue velvet, casket, LED light, glitter, synthetic diamonds, room fragrance

Commissioned by: Pixelkitchen Festival Frankfurt am Main

Venue details:

The performance box should be placed in the space where the audience moves freely. It is possible to program the performance within any cultural festival.

Material details:

  1. 1)room-size box, approximate dimension 3m x 3m x 2,5 m; interior covering - golden foil, exterior covering - black molleton or dark blue velvet, entry to the room through velvet curtain

  2. 2)large size casket, LED light inside of the casket

  3. 3)table covered with golden foil

  4. 4)room fragrance

  5. 5)glitter

  6. 6)synthetic diamonds

Technical requirements:

  1. 1)audio mixer

  2. 2)audio interface

  3. 3)computer (stereo playback)

  4. 4)wireless closed headphones

  5. 5)wireless ear-in monitor

  6. 6)wireless microphone (headset DPA or similar) with transmitter and receiver

  7. 7)FX for voice (compressor, reverb)

  8. 8)Voice and stereo playback are sent to in-ear monitor and to wireless headphones

  9. 9)sound engineer (needed only for setup)


golden casket used in the the golden room, photo © Jagoda Szmytka++++

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